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You need to have deep rooted knowledge and clarity of facts associated with the subject before you venture into the business of setting up a coaching institute. The students are smart enough to analyze your skill set and will only come over if you have the professional competence to teach the subject. The coaching centre should ideally be located in a central place. This essentially means that you will need to hire some commercial space preferably in some commercial complex within the main city or town; the coaching centre is intended to be located.

The coaching centre should have adequate infrastructure in the form of books, study material, adequate seating arrangement and some recreational facilities for the students. Adequate lighting and seating arrangement should be available for the students.As you fulfil the above listed prerequisites of setting up a coaching centre, it is time to begin. The coaching centre needs to have adequate space enough for your students to hang around. As the students will be coming on a daily basis to the coaching centre, it will be of worth if you are able to provide them with some extra space to keep their personal belongings.

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When you need a solution for a range of business related web services then you will find a busy market of companies claiming to offer you the very best in service and always at a great price.

SmartEye can not only promise to offer a price that is difficult to beat, but the service that we provide is always of the highest quality. Our expertise and customer focus means that you can trust in the SmartEye service and our tailor made package will be exactly what you are looking for.

At Smart Eye our vision is simple; we believe that website solutions should be high quality, tailored to your needs and above all affordable. To achieve the business needs of our customers in a professional way. We will strive to provide the effective solutions through our professional collaboration of employees and management which will ensure the complete customer satisfaction.
Our skilled technical experts and project management team will lead you from the initial step – from a business idea to implementation of a cost effective software solution. We will deliver a valuable business tool particularly designed to serve the specific needs of your business. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and professional team brings their key area of expertise to ensure that you always receive exactly what you need, each and every time.
Smart Eye has development center in Chennai capable of executing large and mission critical assignments. Merry InfoTech provide an ideal and exclusive environment for creative and skilled professionals engaged in software development activities. Our facility provides an ideal and exclusive environment to creative and skilled professionals engaged in Information Technology development activities.

Our Management Team

CEO Smart Eye Technologies
Prabin Raja - CEO

Prabin Raja is a current CEO, of the Building Consultancy and Project Management team. He has more than 5 years experiance in web development

CTO Smart Eye Technologies
Ebanesar Thankaraj - CTO

I'm a technologist who works to bridge the space between strategic vision, business practice, and software implementation.